How much is the Cost?

You need to know up front, this type of business requires capital.

But, with real estate and equity markets at an all time high, now is the ideal time to deploy capital into new opportunities and growth markets where returns will outperform other more traditional investment opportunities. To grow you fleet quickly over 2-3 years you must either have borrowing power, access to capital to purchase vans, or both. We recommend trying to maintain a balance between the two, therefore purchasing half of your fleet with cash is recommended to keep debt service at a more manageable level, especially if you are in market with seasonality.


Our customers are typically booking 3-6 months in advance, so we’re often able to get you more than 50% booked out for the season before you even have a van available to rent! 

We get over 23,000 visitors to our website each month, so new locations can easily get bookings well in advance of opening their physical location. This is often done with only minimal online advertising costs, which helps you put more money towards the fleet.

We also have an annual booking fee that extends throughout the 20 year Franchise agreement. This fee covers ongoing support and assistance, regional marketing, and continued oversight to ensure your location is able to remain highly profitable and competitive over the long term.


Wandervans has grown and become a formidable company in the Campervan Rental industry. During this time Wandervans has developed multiple locations in 5 states each operating separately, but under the Wandervans brand. Today we boast strong unit performance as a result of the successful business model we operate.
Over $450,000 Average Gross Revenue per locationOver $100,000 Average Net ProfitOver $22,000 Average Annual Revenue Per Van
*Figures above are per the Wandervans Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Item 19 reflecting performance for 2020. More financial performance representation details are provided in the FDD. To request your copy of the Wandervans FDD please submit your application today.

How fast can I grow?

To become highly successful and profitable, you’ll need to grow your fleet of vans quickly over the first few years. With so much demand, we recommend you get started with at least 5 vans, and then grow up to 20 vans over 2-3 years. Growth models can vary depending on your access to capital, but most mid-sized markets will support around 20 vans, how fast you get there is up to you.

  • Year 1 – start with 5 to 10 vans
  • Year 2 – add 5+ vans
  • Year 3 – add 5+ vans

The campervan rental market is not like other industries where the overall size of the territory or the number of locations impacts your ability to grow a large business. Many locations have strong tourism statistics due to fly-in traffic, so the pool of van rental customers is therefore pulling from a much larger region. With Wandervans your Campervan Rental location has the potential to grow and expand quickly, depending on your access to capital and borrowing power. For example, our Portland location was able to grow from 4 vans in August of 2020, to over 20 vans by June of 2021.  You control the amount of growth recognized in your area by simply adding more vans to the fleet in your territory. The more Wandervans you add, the more you can potentially earn.

How do I purchase vans and get them converted to a campervan?

We currently run the Ford Transit van at all of our locations. This is the most economical van to purchase, and we can help you get fleet pricing at our preferred dealer, which will help you conserve capital. The vans you select can be used or new, or combination thereof. Most of our partners opt to start out with used vans and do so with a combination of cash and financing to purchase the vehicles. After you’ve purchased your vans, you’ll send them to our upfitting shop in Boise, where we’ll install all of the necessary equipment to turn your vans into Wandervans, with bed, sink, fridge, heater, curtains, and associated accessories. We currently finance all the equipment and upfitting costs and allow you to repay the cost over 5 years, which keeps your upfront capital costs down.

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