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Our staff, systems and support will make it as easy as possible for you to start, manage, and grow your campervan rental business. We offer a turnkey Franchise opportunity that allows you to focus on the most important parts of your business – purchasing more vans for your fleet and delivering an exceptional customer experience.
Our recent changes for new franchisees in 2024 and beyond now allow you to also list and manage campervans that are owned by 3rd parties. This allows you to build your fleet of vans by using your own capital to purchase a few vans, and then also seek out van owners that need assistance with rentals, customer service, cleaning, etc. We are growing a network of Campervan Managers that provide a much higher level of service and support for van owners compared to current models.

New Locations

with Protected Territories

At Wandervans, we are looking to grow into the right markets which we have preselected based on trends and market research. We will establish a protected territory for you to operate your business within, to ensure our other partners are not competing with you directly. Territories are defined by regions/counties within any given state based on proximity to national parks and surrounding attractions. We’ve built a unique business model that frees up so you can take care of expanding your business in your region, but simultaneously providing support from other nearby Wandervans partners should you need it. The Wandervans Network will therefore gain more and more strength as we grow and add new locations, thus opening up opportunities to offer better service and rental options for our growing customer base.

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