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expand your operations to offer campervan detailing services

yet Another Revenue Stream

We have developed a separate website and brand, which is now another division of Wandervans. Wash and Wander is a separate business division that specializes in detailing campervans, RV’s and camp trailers, but also offers cleaning services for trucks, SUV’s and UTV’s. Learn more at to see the services offered. This detailing business can also be opened at your location, as the model and website allow for multiple locations to be opened up across the US. The demand for vans rental remains very high, and many van owners are growing tired of doing all of the cleaning. With our help, you too can capture demand for detailing services in your local market for Campervan, RV, and Tow Behind Campers.

We will train you, or your staff to clean and detail 3rd party customers’ vans

We help you open your Campervan and Auto Detailing business in conjunction with your rental operation to ensure you can keep staff busy, and also generate additional revenue throughout the year. This could initially be operated from your own home if you have a shop or large garage, or you could start out offering only mobile detailing services. You’re already cleaning and detailing your own vehicles, you’ve invested in all of the supplies and equipment to do so, therefore why not offer to clean 3rd party vehicles? We can customize your cleaning services to only offer those vehicle types that are suitable for your shop, or garage size. 

Here’s what the wash and wander detailing business can do for you:

Generate more revenue, particularly in the slower rental season. Each region has a slow season, where detailing service work could be done to bolster revenue.
If you’re willing and able, the campervan detailing business will enable you to make seasonal staffed positions a full time/year-round position. This allows you to hire and retain higher quality staff.
We’ll help to generate online leads that are looking to have their van cleaned in your market area, which will create more van consignment leads for you.
Many of your van conversion customers will also be local, and likely need some campervan detailing services too! Once you develop that relationship with van owners, they'll slowly have you doing more and more cleaning each year.
Most locations can easily do $100,000 or more (much more!) of vehicle cleaning and detailing revenue once you are established in your market area. This is a huge benefit to your operations, work capital, and overhead coverage.

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