Our Ideal Candidates

Our Target Operators: Small Fleet owners, Van Upfitters, Van Life Influencers…

While we are certainly open to anyone with some small business operation skills joining our network and Franchise, we are targeting new Franchise operators that are already in a Van related business, or a related business segment that parallels this industry. So….if you’re already managing a few vans and renting them out on peer to peer websites, let’s talk. If you’ve been doing upfitting and van related service work for a few years, please consider working with us. If you’re a van life influencer or Travel blogger that’s been on the road for a few years, wondering what comes next and how you might transition into a more traditional business model, let’s discuss how we can help you with that transition. More details below……

Branded Campervan Operators Already in Business: We Want You!

We are absolutely allowing small van rental companies operating their own brand to join our network. If you already have a website and a small fleet of vans you’re renting out with only marginal success, we will allow you to join our network. However, new vans added to your fleet (owned by you) must be branded as Wandervans. As you grow under the Wandervans brand, you must also then slowly phase out your previous branding and website within 2 years, to become a wholly branded Wandervans Franchise operator. This allows you to transition your existing fleet and customer base over the Wandervans system, thereby slowly phasing out the rental brand you’ve developed. If you’re not growing, you’re dying, so you might as well grow with Wandervans, or someone else in your market will take advantage of this opportunity and take over market share. We want to work with experienced rental operators, so let’s connect and bring you into the Wandervans family for continued growth and success in the industry.

Campervan Upfitters and van builders already in business: We Want You Too!
We are heavily recruiting campervan upfitting companies to join our network. If you have been building vans in recent years, you’ve probably been too busy to try out the rental game, or you’ve already done so with marginal success. We are looking for van builders that still own a few vans, with a large customer base of van owners that may also consider allowing the van builder (You), to also take their vans on consignment and rent them out to customers. Let’s be honest, if you’re an experienced van builder, you know how everything operates, you understand how to make repairs, and therefore it’s an easy segway into renting the fleet of vans. We want to work with experienced upfitters that WANT to learn the rental side of the business, so let’s connect and bring you into the Wandervans family for continued growth and success in the industry. You already have the passion, van expertise, and likely a few vans, so please consider joining our team of rental operators to expand your business operations into new areas of the van life market.

Have you been LIVING in a Van for the past few years? This is your opportunity!!

Van lifers unite! We are also recruiting travel and van life enthusiasts that have already been living the van life dream in their own van. Such influencers and travel industry professionals already understand where to go, what to do, and have the necessary passion for the industry. These influencers have already proven that they are extremely talented marketers, but are looking for their next venture, their segway into a business where they can put their van life knowledge to work. We can tell you that this franchise opportunity has proven incredibly appealing to those influencers that we have already approached. Most influencers that already own a van have a strong interest in our new franchise platform. Why? The primary reasons include: 

  • Van life influencers already have some basic knowledge about upfitting and installing common accessories within vans since they have already built or modified their own van. 
  • They are talented marketers, and have a large following on Social.
  • These influencers often already have a website with a large volume of curated van life content.
  • They already know a bunch of other van owners because you have been living the van life for quite a few years. These are prospective 3rd party van owners which could be approached for van management assistance. 
  • And lastly, most van lifers that have been on the road for 3 or 4 years are looking for new and exciting opportunities to allow them to put their skills in the industry and van life knowledge to work so that they can create a new business and a fresh way to make money while continuing to live their dream. 

Is this YOU? Is this someone you know? Please get in touch with us! We’re very much looking forward to talking with you.

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