Taking Vans on Consignment

Explosive Growth Opportunity

Wandervans is expanding to become a major player in the Peer to Peer campervan rental market. We are now opening up our platform to prospective Franchise operators that already own a van or two and want to capitalize on the rental expertise by growing their fleet, but who are also looking to take their operation to the next level. To spark faster growth, we are now allowing Franchisees to list their own vans on our website, PLUS we are allowing you to rent out vans which are owned by 3rd parties from your region.
These vans are therefore essentially taken on consignment by the rental operators. Of course, you can also purchase Ford Transit vans and have us install our Wandervans Conversions Kits inside of your new vans. We build, install, and finance those conversion kits for you. This will allow you to quickly grow your own fleet in the first few months of operation. Many van owners simply won’t list their vehicles on Outdoorsy, since they are too busy with the own jobs, families. You will therefore have the opportunity to seek out these campervan owners and offer to list their vans on the Wandervans website for rent (for a fee). 

  Operators can offer 3 levels of management

  • LISTING ONLY - You assist 3rd Party Campervan owners by listing their van on the Wandervans website page for your store location. You will charge them a listing fee for this service and will not provide any further assistance. You’ll have to handle customer service through the booking process, but then hand it off to the van owner. Our standard listing fee has been set at 25%. 
  • PARTIAL MANAGEMENT – You will conduct the listing assistance PLUS you also offer to conduct the cleaning of the vehicles upon return, and or prior to next rental departure. Plus you can optionally also offer the pickup and drop off location for the customer (if you have one). This is also done for a fee. Our partial management fee has been set at 30%, but can be adjusted depending on what is offered.
  • FULL MANAGEMENT – You take possession of the 3rd party campervan and add it to your fleet for the entire rental season. Some van owners will want you to take full control of the vehicle and offer a full suite of management services including: rental, cleaning, storage, customer service, etc. This will also be done for a fee. Our Full Management fee has been set at 38%, but can be adjusted depending on what is offered. Storage fees are charged extra should the van owner need you to keep their van onsite. 

Fleet growth without the risk

By allowing our Franchisees to assist Campervan owners in their regions, we are creating an opportunity for them to quickly grow their fleet and avoid having to actually own 100% of their fleet. This also creates a diversity of vehicle types within any given fleet so that local customers have more options to choose from. So…if you already own 1 or 2 vans, we can help you find and purchase 1 or 2 more and build them out for you with our Wandervans Kits designed for Ford Transit vans, PLUS you can also go out and find campervan owners in your region and offer to list and manage their vans as needed. This model allows you to scale up much faster than if you had to own 100% of your fleet. We expect that savvy operators can quickly ramp up to 15-20 vans within their first year of operation.

How do you benefit from managing 3rd party vans?

The simple answer is management fees. You charge a fee to list and manage a fleet of 3rd party owned vans, and after you pay our franchising fees (10% in aggregate), you keep the rest. Most operators will secure a mix of consignment vehicles within their fleet, meaning they’ll have a few which are only listed, a few under partial management, and a few under full management. So you can run the basic math, and compute the margins on the fee revenue which can be derived from this scenario. Your margins would therefore be 8% for listings, approximately 15% for partial management, and 25% for full management.

Our franchise model does require us as a Franchisor to generate some revenue for our time and energy committed to building the business and network. Those fees consist of a 2% royalty, 6% booking fee on all rentals booked through our website, and a 2% branding fee. The total fees therefore are roughly 10%, but only applied to rentals that are secured through our website. Refer to our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document)  in your state for more details on these fees.

Low Overhead by Operating from Home...

Managing other people’s vans is the first step in that process by keeping your debts low. The next step is keeping your overhead low. To ensure your success, we allow you to operate your Franchise from your own home. If you already own and van and are renting it on, you’re probably already doing that. So, while you are just getting started, we recommend you operate from your home, if you have space to park and store campervans. You’ll grow your own fleet of vans up to 4 or 5 and continue to operate from home, but still take on management of 3rd party vans. Once you have 10 or more campervans under management, you can then optionally find a storage yard to park the vehicles or store them on your own property if you have sufficient space.
Eventually, we want you to have 4-5 of your own vans, plus you list 10-15 vans for 3rd party owners on our website, and also provide partial/full management of another 3-5 vans owned by 3rd parties.

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