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In as little as six years, Wandervans has built over 100 vans using the same general design and components. We’re a constantly evolving company working through design upgrades, adding features, and capitalizing on customer demand in the market. The demand for van conversions is at an all time high. We are now allowing our partners to open a conversion business under our brand and well-established floorplan design. We have refined our campervan conversion kit over the years to ensure it’s durable, functional, and easy to construct and maintain. With our help, you too can captures some of the demand in your local market for van conversions.

We will train you, or your staff to build and/or install our kits into 3rd party customers’ vans

If you or your staff is not capable of doing the cutting, welding, and assembly, we can easily train your team to do the installation component only. To accomplish this, we will pre-fab all of the components needed and ship them to you so that you can have parts on hand. This does alter the needs of your physical location slightly, as you’ll need space to store these conversion components and do the install work.

Here’s what the Wandervans Conversion business can do for you:

Generate more revenue, particularly in the slower rental season. Each region has a slow season, where conversion work could be done to bolster revenue.
If you’re willing and able, the conversion business will enable you to make seasonal staffed positions a full time/year-round position. This allows you to hire and retain higher quality staff.
We’ll help to generate online leads that are looking to have their van converted in your market area, which will create more revenue for you.
Many of your renters will fall in love with the van life and will therefore be looking to own their van rather than continuously rent. We will train you how to recognize these customers and sell them a Wandervans conversion kit.
Most locations can easily do $100,000 or more (much more!) of conversion revenue once you are established in your market area.

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